Manually Backup all AFA Reports

Manually Backup all AFA Reports
CPPIB Page 2 Manually Backup all AFA Reports
Use this backup procedure to backup the reports generated by AFA. Backup can be full or incremental.
To backup the reports and the monitoring history:
1. Connect to the AFA server via SSH and login using the afa user and password
(Note: do not use the “root” user).
2. Create a temp backup folder by running the following command:
mkdir –p /data/tmp
i. cd /home/afa/algosec
ii. tar -zcvf /data/tmp/backup-dd-mm-yy.tar.gz *
Where: dd-mm-yy is the current backup dateThis includes all firewall, group and
matrix reports and monitoring information history – it may be a very large file (several GBs),
depending on the number of existing reports on the system, and may take many minutes to
be generated.
a. For a full backup, create a tar of all files under “/home/afa/algosec” using the following instructions:
b. For a partial backup, containing only the information of the last 7 days, create a tar of the folders
under "/home/afa/algosec” which have been created in the last 7 days, using the following
i. cd /home/afa/algosec
ii. find . –type d –maxdepth 2 –mindepth 2 -mtime -7 –print0 | xargs -0
tar -zcvf /data/tmp/backup-dd-mm-yy-incr.tar.gz
Where: dd-mm-yy is the current backup date
3. Create the reports and monitoring backup file:
4. Copy the backup file to a backup server.
a. ftp <backup_server_ip>
b. Enter user and password
c. cd <remote_server_path>
d. put /data/tmp/
e. quit
The following instructions use ftp - you may choose to use other protocols (such as scp, sftp):
 run the command: su –
 enter the password for the root user
 run the command: service crond start
In case you do not wish to backup FireFlow or BusinessFlow, follow these steps:

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