Configuring a Cisco device to send logs to a syslog-ng server



It is necessary to configure a Cisco device to send logs to a syslog-ng server.



Do the following on the Cisco device:

via ASDM:

1. Under Configuration -> Properties -> Logging, do the following:

a. Logging Setup: Select enable logging.

b. Logging Filters: For both Syslog Servers and ASDM, set Filter On Severity to Informational

c. Syslog Servers: Add the syslog-ng server.

2. In the Cisco device's security policy, do the following:

a. For each rule that needs to be logged, select enable logging.

b. Set the logging level to Warnings or lower; otherwise, traffic logs will be sent to the syslog-ng server only if this is a "deny" rule.

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